Little Trunk of Horrors

Before I get totally absorbed with Thanksgiving and then Christmas decorating, I need to post my Trunk or Treat Theme for this year — Little Shop of Horrors! This was a blast to do — John was Seymour, I was Audrey, Margaux was a 50’s girl, and Duncan was The Dentist. Oliver was a skeleton, not related to our trunk at all which was fine since he was running around trunk or treatin’ and the other 4 of us were manning the van.

Our trunk was Mushnik’s Flower Shop and Audrey II, the man-eating plant, was made out of paper mache, spray paint, and an old flower pot. Kids threw eyeballs into her mouth to get a treat. It was a ton of fun. We have only one more year at the grade school so next year’s theme is going to have to be a BIG one!

Trunk or Treat

Each year, our grade school hosts a Trunk or Treat. Just like last year, I waited until the last minute to come up with this year’s theme. We went with Hogwarts.

Due to my family’s many-year obsession with the series, I have lots of potion bottles and other items of witchcraft and wizardry at my easy disposal. Margaux made up a quidditch game right before leaving — it involved tossing balls through rings drawn on a science fair board. It was a huge hit. The best part of the evening? I got to take Harry Potter home with me.

Trunk or Treat

Last Friday was Trunk or Treat at the grade school.  As of breakfast on Friday morning, we still had no idea what our trunk theme would be.  Around lunch, John and I hatched an idea — The Kreepy Kitchen!  I shopped my house and gathered items together.  I sewed a quick chef hat and ironed a patch on John’s coat and made the “Boo” banner.  For a game, we had our own version of the shell game — “find the roach” under a styrofoam cup.  The kids loved it.

And wouldn’t you know, we won a prize for our trunk!  Lesson learned?  Procrastination is good.