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3 Mar

Jilly Ingalls Wilder

Yes….I am a freak. I made this sunbonnet for a friend of Mojo’s. Her friend is going to be Laura [&hellip

18 Feb

New dress for Mojo

Farbenmix Olivia pattern with an embroidered unicorn. Mojo picked out the extremely bright colors

4 Feb

The Toxic Teapot and other T-shirts

I’ve started sewing some spring clothes for Mojo. I wanted to branch out from the same patterns I’ve been using [&hellip

1 Feb

Adding Order to Chaos

My sewing room has been a disaster zone since Christmas. OK….maybe since BEFORE Christmas or, well, let’s be honest, it’s [&hellip

25 Jan

Great mail day

I received two wonderful packages in the mail this week. Two items I ordered separately but they arrived on the [&hellip

24 Jan

So cold but he's hot

The temperature hovers under 10 degrees here. Our house is poorly insulated and our one working furnace just can’t keep [&hellip

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