16 Apr

Art Sunday

Our local art museum has a free family program every Sunday. This program ties into the museum’s collection — usually there is a tour of a particular gallery and a project to go with it. This week, the focus was on landscapes. The project was to draw our own landscapes and they provided the chalk pastels and paper. We had a fine time of it — and then wandered around the museum a bit — especially Oli’s favorite part — the medieval armor. Here are our new masterpieces (sans one by Oli who had fallen asleep in the car and was not in a drawing mood).

15 Apr

In Celebration….

Of Monarch’s first egg. Monarch is our little bantam chicken — we’ve had her for over a year and finally she has laid her first egg. We’d given up on her ever laying….in fact we had thought she was a rooster until yesterday…..John went and gathered eggs and there was this oh-so-cute little white egg. Turns out Monarch is a hen. After further research we’ve classified her as a Sebright Bantam. So…..I made myself a new clothespin apron (with little white eggs on it) to celebrate.


15 Apr

Trash-picked Treasures

My husband is a trash-picker extraordinaire. He knows which days are trash days in our surrounding neighborhoods and conveniently walks the dog through those neighborhoods on the night before their pick ups. While many of his “finds” don’t find a permanent spot in our home, a good many have moved in with us. dsc08426.jpgdsc08426.jpg

15 Apr

Still trying…..

I’m still trying to get the hang of wordpress. I find publishing posts baffling and can not figure out how to upload pictures. Here’s another try.

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