11 Sep

Hot Dog!

When my son left for college a few weeks ago, we joked that we were going to replace him with a dog.  No joke.  Yesterday, we got another dog.


His breed is what we call “deluxe-mutt” and he came from a local puppy rescue group — the same woman who brought us our beloved Cindy.  It will be an adjustment, for sure, having a puppy around.  Already, I think I need to roll up all the carpets until housebreaking is complete since I feel neurotic if I see him set foot on them.  Today, the puppy-proofing will begin in earnest.

10 Sep

Happy Poppies





It’s no surprise that I do a lot of thrifting.  What is surprising to me, lately, is that I’ve  been going crazy over dishes.  I’m amazed by the cute and mismatched china I find.  There is modern stuff and, my favorite, vintage.  Like these sweet dessert bowls.  They are Sears and Roebuck and Co and lovingly aged with some crazing.  I couldn’t resist them.  Alas, I can not keep them as my home tends more toward blue so I’ve put them in my Etsy shop.  Take a look!

9 Sep

Free Pumpkin Pattern

I love this time of year! Living in the Midwest, our summers are hot and humid and l-o-n-g! At the first whiff of crisp, fall air, I breathe a sigh of relief and my urge to knit returns. One of my favorite fall knits is my pumpkin hat pattern. I wanted to repost the pattern for anyone else who may be feeling the leaning toward some fall knitting.

Click here for the free pattern.

I had every intention of starting a pumpkin hat this week for a friend’s brand new baby girl. Alas, my stash of orange yarn is too skimpy to produce a hat. My goal this weekend is to buy some more yarn and cast on.

Yarn along with Ginny Sheller here.

9 Sep

Freaky Finds

Found at an estate sale — in the FREE bin. Go figure.
My family won’t let me hang baby on the wall. In fact, they don’t even want it in the house. I have big plans for him? her? for Halloween.

8 Sep

Life, lately.

In the last few years, as my children have gotten older, I’ve been moving toward the next phase of my life. A phase with work outside the home and less focus on being mom. My oldest left for college. My middle is deep in high school and all the activities surrounding it. My baby is now finishing middle school. So, I got a job. After being a stay-at-home mom for so long, it was kind of weird to figure out what to do. My before-kids job was in the software industry and I lived in the Northeast at the time. Now, I’m living in the Midwest and have been out of that industry for so long that it wasn’t really an option. I lucked out in finding an entry-level job at a local hospital emergency room which has led to my current job working for a university in a research department. So far, so good.

I intend to blog more since I’m still doing crazy projects to fill my crafty “bucket” and I love to look back and see what I’ve made. I try to bring a bit of “crafty Jill” to every aspect of my life. While working in the ER, I felt the need to spice up the work shoe options available to me. Here’s a quick way to enhance boring white work clogs:

These were some clogs that I bought for $5 at a going-out-of-business sale. In St Louis, we are crazy about baseball. Five minutes with a red sharpie and I was ready to cheer on the home team while working:


With a little more time and some acrylic paints, an even bigger shoe transformation is possible. I’m crazy about the Union Jack. I’ve painted it on a table. I’ve painted it on a tea cart (coming soon!). I’ve even painted it on some plain, white Dansko clogs:


So, working Jill is still crafty Jill. Stay tuned for more!

16 May

Freaky Finds

Lamps. Some of the best can be found thrifting. I was sorely tempted to bring these home for my mythology-loving daughter’s room.


Sadly, they were snatched by another while I stood contemplating.

15 May

End of Year

Another school year winds to a close. We have just over a week left until summer can begin. During these last few days, there is something going on almost each day at school. Earlier this week was a WINGS presentation for Oliver. WINGS is a gifted enrichment program he participates in and they work on a long-term project throughout the school year. This project involved creating a news segment along with researching a topic, interviewing several people, and presenting his information in as a news broadcast.


I think he makes a pretty cute reporter. They also filmed commercials that aired during their news segment. Each child needed to invent a product (a non-working model was fine) and then pitch it. Oliver made an automatic chicken coop cleaner that keeps feathers out of your face when cleaning the coop. That’s my boy!

11 Apr

Freaky Finds

Look what I found. A whole wall of used tennis balls!


For $4.99? A can of fresh balls runs for $2.99. I suspect they won’t be selling out of these anytime soon.

10 Apr

Signs of Spring

Spring is inching forward here in St Louis. The grass is greener, trees are starting to bud, daffodils are blooming, my gardening has started, and this:


These four, little fuzzies joined us last week. My daughter named them Euro, Trevi, Pompeii, and Gelato. They will be joining the four hens that live in our backyard coop.

9 Apr

Union Jack Table

My son’s high school has a fundraising auction every year. It is HUGE. The money raised goes toward scholarships so that any boy who qualifies for his school can attend regardless of whether they have the financial resources to pay. There are many (many, many) items that are donated and auctioned off — including hand painted furniture. The school even has a room in the basement dedicated to a group of ladies that paint and upcycle furniture for this event. I discovered this group about two months ago and feel like I found my happy place in the school. This is what I made for the auction — a Union Jack table:


I wish I had taken a “before” picture but, well, live and learn. I love how the table turned out and am pleased that it sold (though not to me even though I bid on my own table!). Taking a hobby I love, combining it with a school I believe in, and add in some super-talented and very nice women and I think I’ve got a few years of fun furniture painting for a good cause ahead of me.

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