29 Oct

Spooky Corners

John uncovered this owl when thrifting.


He’s fairly large and I was not interested in him as he’s the kind used to scare away pigeons and they are not really a problem around here.  Silly me.  He had potential for Halloween.  Thankfully, John insisted we bring him home.  We applied spray paint and then drilled out his eyes to replace them with remote controlled lights.


He fit perfectly on top of our broken lamp post.  We used the extra lights in the lamp.  At night, it now looks like this:


I love that the lights are remote controlled since he is up really high.  The lights in the lamp cycle through different colors.  The owls eyes are set to glow red.  He is so cool that I can’t believe I wanted to pass on him.

28 Oct

Freaky Finds

Yes, you can find anything at a thrift store.


Yes, even toilet paper.  It was priced at $1.99 for two rolls.  Not exactly thrifty but, thankfully, does not look used.

27 Oct

Spooky Corners

My front porch:


The pillow was made from fabric in my stash.  I added the witch silhouette with fabric paint and a freezer paper stencil.

7 Oct

Freaky Finds



It is the most souped-up telephone ever!  Not only can you make phone calls with this gilded beauty, but there is a clock, and a music box with a dancing couple.  Also included is a ferris wheel and some spinning, little pixies.  It is decorated with angels, light-up gum drops,  and more gilded plastic than is imaginable!  Oh, and it’s a bedside lamp, too!


5 Oct

Halloween Happenings

October is MY month!  The weather is cooler, my birthday is in the middle of the month, and it’s a celebration of two of my favorite colors – black & orange!  Since I’m a working girl these days, my halloween decorating will happen in smaller spurts around here.  My first super-quick halloween hit is this –


Written on the bathroom wall behind a door.  It can only be read when in the room with the door closed and reflected in the mirror.  What a surprise it will be for anyone washing up!


I’m tempted to change it daily just to keep it interesting around here.

4 Oct

Bathroom Transformation

Recently, I grew tired of the color of my bathroom — the red was bothering me.

Bathroom Before

Bathroom Before

Unsure of what color to paint it, I used what I had on hand — chalkboard paint!

img_0832And I love it!  Having a graffiti surface in the bathroom is very handy for leaving messages for your kids — or surprising them with poetry or inspirational quotes.  Stay tuned for a halloween twist.

3 Oct

Pumpkin Hats

My fall knitting is in full gear.  I completed a pumpkin hat from my free pattern for a friend’s new little one.  Still, I find myself unable to stop knitting these darling hats so I made another.

img_1652I posted it in my Etsy shop for anyone who wants one but feels too pinched for time to knit it themselves.

3 Oct

Harry Potter Project of Doom Quilt

Since I took such a long break from blogging, I have a back log of projects to show off.  My favorite over the past few years has been this one — The Harry Potter Project of Doom Quilt.


It took me months 4 months to complete the block and quilting and then it sat for another 6 months awaiting binding.  Last fall, my friend Laura and I cranked it out in a work session — just in time for Halloween!  The pattern was free and can be found here.  This was my first time paper piecing a quilt and it was a lot of fun!  I used an embroidery machine to add titles to blocks and many of them are significant to the people in my life who are Harry Potter addicts.  There is a block for each member of my family and blocks for several friends as well.  As difficult as the quilt was, each block made me so happy — but not as happy as completing that last stitch of binding!  Now, it lives on my couch and, as October happens, I yearn to re-watch all the movies again.  This time, I will be snug and covered up with the perfect quilt!

30 Sep

Freaky Finds

If you are ever in need of clown accessories, check out the thrift store.


Where else could you find a clown lamp?  I understand why this fellow landed there but what I do not understand was how quickly he was sold.


I mean, come on!  Look at that face complete with strange beard and oversize ears.  I was sure he’d linger on the shelf for weeks taunting me.  Instead, he was gone in a matter of days.

18 Sep

Goodbye Little Dog

This has been a rough week.  Our sweet and curious puppy is gone.  In spite of intensive veterinary care, he succumbed to parvovirus a few days after joining our family.  This horrible virus must have been lurking inside him and the stress of a new home, recent neutering, load of fleas and parasites caused it to take over his little body.  When he stopped eating shortly after joining us,  the veterinarian thought it was only a reaction to the worming meds he was given right before coming home with us.  Puppy was given fluids, anti-nausea meds and antibiotics.   He did not improve and within a day it was apparent that he was ill with parvo.  He was given intensive care in hopes of seeing him through the worst of this horrible disease.  We had such high hopes that he would pull through and live a long and happy life as our beloved dog.  It was not to be.  Rest in peace, Little Dog.  You were very loved.

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