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19 Oct 2008 by admin, No Comments »

I took Cinderella to a vet last week for an x-ray to determine if she was pregnant. The vet took one look at her, felt her belly, and said “No way, no how.” So, she got spayed.

She was gone for most of the day. I worried about her and the house felt too empty. I cooked chicken for her and bought special treats. I eagerly awaited the call to come and get her.

I saw her stagger out from the vet’s, woeful and sorry looking with her head hanging low. It was then that I realized she felt lost and abandoned again. Left behind and in pain from her surgery. Bereft. Then she spotted me. Her eyes lit up and her tag started waving and didn’t stop even as she weaved and staggered out to my van. She had hope in her eyes. I had tears in mine.

She spent the evening with her head in my lap, licking my hand over and over while I pet her ears. She’s mine.

Welcome to happily ever after, Cinderella. In our house full of princes and princesses (and an occasional pretend dragon or two), you’ll be right at home.

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  1. cawe says:

    Is that picture Cinderella?

  2. Megan says:

    She couldn’t have gotten a better home. 🙂

  3. Nancy says:

    What’s that puddle I see on the vet’s office floor? Oh yeah, it’s Jill’s heart melting. Lucky little Cinderella. Just like a fairy tale.

  4. OK, that just brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful happy ending! Congratulations to you all! Lucky, lucky Cinderella!!!

  5. momma-yaya says:

    Oh, Hooray! I’m so glad that she is home to stay!

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