Pre-holiday Panic

20 Dec 2007 by admin, No Comments »

The panic is setting in. So much to do…..not enough time. My week was thrown out of balance by the arrival of the stomach flu on Sun. night. Both DNA and Mojo were down. Then it hit me…..followed by John. Fortunately, we all recovered within a day but it was a day of lost holiday prep. Now, I’m playing catch up. John’s brother is in town which means there are family festivities each day. We’re hosting family on Fri night and I haven’t even begun to plan the menu or clean the house. And still….there is more shopping to do. I just want to slow down……and knit by the fire a while…..listening to Christmas music…..with the kids playing nearby. I want to nibble cookies and drink tea and not feel like I have this HUGE list looming over me. I guess this means I need to be majorly productive this morning… off I go!

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