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30 Oct 2007 by admin, No Comments »

I am chained to the kitchen this week. It’s all my own doing but still I feel enslaved to my overzealous volunteerism. It’s parent/teacher conference week. I volunteered to be on the “teacher appreciation” committee. That means I volunteered to cook food for the teachers on conference days. So…..yesterday I cranked out a massive fruit plate and today a giant greek pasta salad. I also volunteered to provide party treats to BOTH big kids classes…..tomorrow…..treats have yet to be determined. AND I host a yearly halloween night chili party for some of my neighbors. In the midst of all this, I made three pumpkin pies –from REAL pumpkins with homemade crust and made a second batch of pasta salad so I can give it to an elderly neighbor along with a pie. I still have a bunch of side dishes to make for tomorrow’s chili party (the chili is cooking today so I only have to heat it tomorrow). Alas all this cooking needs to be done by tonight since tomorrow morn is halloween party at preschool and my afternoon will be spent at the theater with my MIL. Dracula is tomorrow’s production and I am SO EXCITED. Even if it means I’ll miss the big kids school parties and have to cook like a maniac all day today.

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