Road Trip – Williamsburg

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Nancy joined us for our day at Colonial Williamsburg. I went there several years ago with Nancy but neither John nor the kids had ever been. I had considered costuming my group for this day but the reality of Virginia in August let me off the hook. No one would have worn long, hot clothes. Certainly not without complaint. And hot it was! Hot enough to die from the heat.

Or at least pretend to be dead while in the graveyard. Given that the day was in the high 90’s, some of the favorite activities involved water. Oli was captivated by the gourd dipper at the farmhouse.

And all my children helped water the vegetable garden.

I’m sure the gardener was pleased to see three eager children to water his rows for him. Can after can was dumped on carrots, peppers and beans. It gave me a new appreciation for how easy it is to just spray a hose on the garden instead of carrying heavy cans. Even so, my poor garden suffers from drought. Maybe I should pull out a rain barrel and some cans and let the kids have at it?

We all enjoyed looking into the different shops. Mojo got to try out a side saddle.

It seems to me that it would be much harder to ride than just straddling the horse.

They all practiced throwing hatchets.

By the end of the day everyone was wilting from the heat. After a quick time out in the gaol everyone was ready to call it a day.

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