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We did it! The first full-family bike ride in over 9 years. I’ve always been left behind, tending a baby or child too big for a toddler seat yet unable to independantly bike. I recently found this cool trail-a-bike on Craigslist. We worried that our little boy, who just started riding with training wheels, would be afraid to ride. He’s not scared, he LOVES it.

And we love the thrill of biking with all the kids — oh, our horizons have opened wide! Bike on!

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  1. Megan (mommatothebear on SM) says:

    That is pretty cool!

  2. danielle says:

    Hi, Jill. That must be so fun to ride bikes with all the kids and hubby. Long time coming…but so sweet. Congratulations for making it into a different stage of family living. :o)
    Most bulls are raised to 18 months to get to their full size. My brother is going to buy one of the bulls once we’ve raised it and take all the meat to his freezer, so we are thinking right now…that we will go ahead and put one in the freezer in about 12 months and then the other two will go to slaughter at 18 months. As far as I understand, we can keep them together because we are going to demasculate them in a couple weeks once their urinary tract is fully formed. That way, they won’t be competeing for anything and should dwell well together.
    With processing chickens in the past, Joe and I reach a limit of 6-7 chickens at any one time. Having said that, we discussed just doing 2-3 every Saturday and Sunday starting this weekend and then in a couple weekends finish them off. I wanted to wait until they were atleast 8 weeks old (they are about 6 now) but I am yearning for some chicken…so we will eat some this weekend. Joe has always done the deed of pulling their heads off because I’m just not strong enough. But we both clean out their insides and pluck them or skin them depending on our mood and then I finish up cleaning them in the kitchen sink. I have OC so I obsess about every little feather….they all must go.
    Chicken is good eats, especially one you’ve raised and processed yourself.

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