Working Weekend

14 Jul 2008 by admin, No Comments »

This weekend has been crazy. John and I decided to tackle some unfinished house projects — namely to re-drywall the pantry ceiling. Two years ago when our basement was finished, the bathroom plumbing needed to be vented through the pantry (1st floor) and through the kids closet (2nd floor) up through the roof. In order to do this, the pantry ceiling was messily ripped out. For years (2+), we’ve been meaning to repair this. It sounds like such a simple project but it took a good part of the weekend from removing all pantry items, removing the wire shelves, cutting drywall, nailing, taping, mudding, sanding & repainting the entire space. We are almost done. The shelves need to go back in and then I need to neatly and concisely organize all my pantry items (yeah…..right…..). While John was working on the pantry, I tackled a few other projects — finished painting the last bits of the new chicken coop — it is almost ready for it’s debut — only needs of some furnishings — a nest box and a few perches for the birds, hopefully to be made this week. I also painted a desk that John trash picked a few weeks ago. So as this weekend ends, we’re closer to finishing three projects (pantry, coop, desk). We’re also completely exhausted and headed off to bed. ‘Night, ‘night.

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