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I woke up at 8 this morning when Oli crawled into bed to snuggle. He and I went downstairs. I got some coffee, he had some breakfast. At 8:30, I sent him to wake everyone else. The rest of the family slowly descended to the kitchen. John poured juice.

DNA helped himself to some rhubarb pie (& ice cream for added calcium :)) for breakfast.

Then DNA and I zipped out the door. He’s in String Orchestra camp this week. Fortunately it’s only a few miles from home. I dropped him off.

When I got home, Mojo and Oli were watching TV. I let them watch a bit and then sent them outside to play.

The basement playroom is a disaster area so we went to pick up.

It was a bit overwhelming so we took a break and made some cookies.

When the cookies were done, it was time to pick up DNA. Then we made lunch — PBJ for the boys, leftovers for John, toast & cream cheese for Mojo and I had a bowl of cereal. Then I cleaned up the kitchen while the kids checked on Oli’s science experiment. He’s charting mold growth on playdough and is not too pleased with how gross it looks.

We all headed back to the basement. A short while later, it was looking much, much better!

As a reward, we headed out for frozen drinks. We brought one back for John who’s furiously working to finish everything before vacation.

I ran out to pick up a sewing pattern that I ordered. Oh, goodie! I found some cute fabric, too!

I quickly cut & sewed a swim cover-up for me from the fabric. Then plated the cookies & ordered take-out pizza.

We picked up the pizza and headed to Mojo’s violin teacher’s house for a recital. Pizza and salad outdoors and then beautiful music.

Afterwards we went swimming with the teacher and her children in their neighborhood pool. We stayed until dark and then headed home. When we arrived at home, our elderly neighbor popped over with a tray of cupcakes for my kids as thanks for cat sitting last week. It was finally bed time — the end to one of our usual non-stop days.

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