To the Zoo…

23 Apr 2008 by simplejill, No Comments »

Yesterday was gorgeous outside and the kids had a half-day at school. Perfect for a trip to the zoo with my friend Megan and her little sweetie, Jessie. We saw lots of animals.

Sea Lions:

King Cobras complete with nest of eggs…..hurry kids, grab them before she strikes!

A dead gazelle hanging in a tree…..hmmmm…..wonder what animal put it there?

Hippos…..complete with really slimy nostrils.

And dinosaurs, of course.

Because a trip to the zoo wouldn’t be complete without animated prehistoric creatures. Yes….there were REAL, LIVE animals, too. We saw plenty of them.


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  1. Martin A says:

    St. Louis Zoo is awesome!! Ever see a baby elephant being taunted by its water diving aunt?

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