Bed Shaking & Rolling

18 Apr 2008 by admin, No Comments »

Sounds like the start of a good time, but, in reality, it was an earthquake in the middle of the night. John and I both woke up to windows rattling and the bed vibrating. In my sleepy state, I thought the windows were rattling from a windstorm until John nudged my arm and whispered “earthquake.” There was no wind. All is well here — no damage or new cracks in the house. Tonight we head to the Science Center — we want to see how this looks on their seismograph. I think a trip to the library for some earthquake books for the kids is in order too.

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  1. Megan says:

    Jamon woke me up to inform me it was an earth quake too. Jess was still asleep, but later when we had that big aftershock at 10:15ish, Jess was awake and her thoughts on the earthquake were “WEEEeeeee!” lol

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