Trash-picked Treasures

27 Apr 2007 by admin, No Comments »

These were tossed on the curb last weekend. John and I immediately stopped the car, opened the trunk and in they went (along with a laura ashley rug which, unfortunately, is not my style…..). Oh the possibilities……

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  1. Danielle says:

    Hey Jill, I realize this is an older post, but this is the second entry I’ve read of yours that you guys have found some really cool thing that others have tossed to the curb! How fortunate! I’m going to take pics of the chicken tractor for you tomorrow when my hubby is home. I love the chicken tractor because we can pull it around the yard once or twice a day and the grass doesn’t die and the chickens stay clean and don’t smell. The eat all the dandelions and clover and stuff and just leave the grass trimmed. Kinda cool.

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