Adventures in Gluten-free Baking

16 Apr 2008 by admin, No Comments »

AKA the $30 loaf of bread. I’m experimenting with gluten-free cooking for a week. I went and bought all the ingredients to make this bread today. Who knew that a small bag of xantham gum costs $10. And all the other specialty flours? Pretty pricey as well. Charging ahead, I mixed the dough and set it to rise. And rise it did which made me feel pretty pleased. I’ve read one of the challenges of baking without gluten is getting any lift in the baked goods. I felt so proud as I pulled this out of the oven:

But my joy didn’t last. It fell along with the bread.

Perhaps it needed to bake longer? Aside from the flattened aspect, the texture seems really “bread-like” and it has a nice crust. The taste, however, hmmmm……well…..perhaps it’s an acquired taste? It’s slightly fishy and not really appealing to the nose at all.

But with enough marmalade, anything is edible. And at the price this bread cost, I better learn to love it.


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  1. Megan says:

    Why are you trying gluten free for a week?

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