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Each year I debate giving up my blog.  I am lazy about writing in it and not sure what I’m trying to convey.  My kids are nearly adults (two in college, one in high school) so parenting is no longer a relevant topic for me.  I’m still kicking along with crafting although less knitting and sewing than in the past.  I am cooking more and more.  I taught a few cooking classes at a community college and continue to keep exploring in the kitchen.  Our home is morphing and changing in many ways but I hope it remains the same in some major, important-t0-me ways.  I want it to be a refuge for my family and my friends.  I want all who walk through the doors to feel welcome.  Oh, and I like to keep my decorating kind of quirky and constantly changing.  So, maybe I’ll start there writing about my journey to keep home relevant as my kids grow up and leave?  I’d love to showcase more of my thrift finds and even unload some in my Etsy shop.  Oh, and travel!  I’ve rediscovered traveling!  For starters, here’s a photo of our favorite new addition celebrating his first birthday.  This is Bernie.


Bernie joined our home last fall.  He came to us through a rescue — the same rescue that brought us little dog two years ago.  We waited to bring him home until he was fully vaccinated against Parvo (three doses of vaccine).  He is half border collie and half mystery though we suspect it’s a very BIG mystery since he’s 80 lbs!  He has been healthy and happy and an enormous joy to have him clomping around our home.  Our older dog, Cindy, has adjusted to having him around (it took a while…) and I daresay they are even friends.  So, as the kids leave, we are backfilling with dogs!

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