Pasty Cooking

17 Sep 2017 by admin, No Comments »

I’m freshly back from the best vacation I’ve ever had.  One highlight was a morning spent at Philleigh Way Cookery School learning how to make an authentic Cornish pasty.  The experience started with a welcoming cup of tea (of course).


The location was beyond charming — we had perfect cool and sunny weather to utilize their outdoor classroom space.


Chef George taught us how to carefully and lightly mix the dough to surround our filling of beef, onions, potato and turnip.


While the pasty cooked, we had the chance to explore their lovely ground which included a horse farm and many walking trails.  We even popped into the pub next door to sample a half pint of their home brew.  Divine!


Eating authentic, steamy Cornish pasty, outside, with fresh beer was an experience I won’t soon forget.  I look forward to perfecting this recipe in my home kitchen — alas not as charming as Philleigh Way — but hoping each bite will bring back a memory from that perfect morning.


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