Kitchen Table Re-do

1 Nov 2016 by admin, No Comments »

A few years ago, I picked up this kitchen table from Craigslist.  It was super cheap and super plain.  To make it fit in better, I painted the base an inky blue color and stenciled a compass to the top.  It has been well used in our kitchen.


Lately, I’ve been redesigning the kitchen and there is no place for my table.  Coincidentally, I had a need for a coffee table.  You can see my old coffee table faintly in the background of the above photo.  It was a wrought iron outdoor table that we covered with table cloths.  The table cloths were always dragging to one side or another or half falling off the table.  After seeing the clock coffee table here, I knew just what to do.  It really was a quick transformation — we used a sawzall to cut the base down.  There was also some drilling necessary for the screws that hold the table top.  We made our table a bit taller than most coffee tables because we like to play games and prefer a higher height.  It is just slightly taller than the couch cushions.

Overall, the work took less than a half hour and here are the results:


It was given a work out last night when we hosted a Halloween chili party.  Being larger and slightly taller than the last table, it worked perfectly!

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