Harry Potter Project of Doom Quilt

3 Oct 2016 by admin, No Comments »

Since I took such a long break from blogging, I have a back log of projects to show off.  My favorite over the past few years has been this one — The Harry Potter Project of Doom Quilt.


It took me months 4 months to complete the block and quilting and then it sat for another 6 months awaiting binding.  Last fall, my friend Laura and I cranked it out in a work session — just in time for Halloween!  The pattern was free and can be found here.  This was my first time paper piecing a quilt and it was a lot of fun!  I used an embroidery machine to add titles to blocks and many of them are significant to the people in my life who are Harry Potter addicts.  There is a block for each member of my family and blocks for several friends as well.  As difficult as the quilt was, each block made me so happy — but not as happy as completing that last stitch of binding!  Now, it lives on my couch and, as October happens, I yearn to re-watch all the movies again.  This time, I will be snug and covered up with the perfect quilt!

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