Little Dog

13 Sep 2016 by admin, No Comments »

Little dog is melting our hearts.  We still haven’t settled on a name for him though we are getting close.  He’s super smart and has already figured out the dog door to get inside from the backyard.  He’s little, the door is kind of high.  He’ll take a running leap toward it and tumble through.  House training is more like training us to keep our eyes on him always.  If we’re not actively watching him, he goes in the crate.  I have rolled up carpets in the main areas to reduce my stress, too.


We’re off to the vet today to check on his health.  He’s stopped eating and seems less perky.  Maybe its just the transition and all the stress on him?  Maybe that last dose of de-wormer?  Hopefully, it’s nothing big and he’ll be back to his waggy little self soon.

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