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In the last few years, as my children have gotten older, I’ve been moving toward the next phase of my life. A phase with work outside the home and less focus on being mom. My oldest left for college. My middle is deep in high school and all the activities surrounding it. My baby is now finishing middle school. So, I got a job. After being a stay-at-home mom for so long, it was kind of weird to figure out what to do. My before-kids job was in the software industry and I lived in the Northeast at the time. Now, I’m living in the Midwest and have been out of that industry for so long that it wasn’t really an option. I lucked out in finding an entry-level job at a local hospital emergency room which has led to my current job working for a university in a research department. So far, so good.

I intend to blog more since I’m still doing crazy projects to fill my crafty “bucket” and I love to look back and see what I’ve made. I try to bring a bit of “crafty Jill” to every aspect of my life. While working in the ER, I felt the need to spice up the work shoe options available to me. Here’s a quick way to enhance boring white work clogs:

These were some clogs that I bought for $5 at a going-out-of-business sale. In St Louis, we are crazy about baseball. Five minutes with a red sharpie and I was ready to cheer on the home team while working:


With a little more time and some acrylic paints, an even bigger shoe transformation is possible. I’m crazy about the Union Jack. I’ve painted it on a table. I’ve painted it on a tea cart (coming soon!). I’ve even painted it on some plain, white Dansko clogs:


So, working Jill is still crafty Jill. Stay tuned for more!


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