I switched out my Christmas mantle for a travel-themed one in anticipation of some fun trips we have planned. I needed a big statement piece for the back and had been eyeing subway art posters. Sadly, personalized ones are expensive — like $100+ expensive. I toyed with the idea of painting one by hand but had not managed to do that in the two months since I started thinking about it. Some googling around led me to a tutorial with an easy way to make a subway art poster. This took all of 10 minutes to create. And five minutes to drive to the copy shop and less than 5 minutes for them to print it. Talk about an instant gratification project!


Even better was the cost – under $6. I printed the .jpg at Kinkos — size 24×36 as an engineering print. It cost $4.50. The print was big enough to wrap around a piece of foam board bought at the dollar store. I love a cheap project! It leaves more money for the actual traveling. :)