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Margaux is taking FACS class this year. FACS stands for Family and Consumer Science — or more simply, home ec. She missed a day last week when she had a bad cold. Her homework was to cook something, anything, with vegetables. She was very eager to get to work and raided the vegetable bin in the fridge. With a few peppers, a carrot, some snow peas, bok choy, and scallions, she got to work.


And she made this:


A fast and easy stir fry. She proclaimed it “delicious” which is high praise from a kid who doesn’t like her veggies. If I had made this and served it to her, it would have been eaten reluctantly. Instead, she devoured a bowl. I think she needs to cook more often around here. Not only will it improve the consumption of healthy food, but I rather enjoyed sitting back and being served my dinner. I give her an A+.

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