Downton Attire — Finally!

10 Mar 2014 by admin, No Comments »

I have a mild obsession with Downton Abbey. The characters, the scenery, the costumes — I don’t know which I like best. Imagine my excitement when our local history museum decided to host a Downton Abbey premiere party. John scored tickets for us. I made costumes, we ordered gloves. The excitement was building. And then, a big snowstorm moved in. The premiere party was cancelled.

Weeks later, the museum decided to host a final night party to replace the premiere party. Again, John scored tickets for us. Sadly, the party time was at the exact time of Oliver’s Blue and Gold Banquet — an event that was a quite a bit higher in priority to us. The costumes sat unused.

But, finally, my chance! Our grade school has a trivia night and auction each year. A group of our friends reserve a table and we always go in costume based on the the year’s auction theme. This year’s theme was TV! And, you guessed it, our table theme was Downton Abbey. Introducing the Duke and Duchess of Glendale:


We decorated our table with flowers, silver and a tea service. I brought scones and tea sandwiches. We had fancy hair and gloves on. It was a true party. And, I believe, even more fun than the museum party as we were surrounded by friends — equally as eager to play dress up as us. And, we won second place for costumes and table decoration to boot! A great ending to a long run (11 years!) of grade school parenting.

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