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We have had a lot of snow days this year — more than our usual. Last week, I received an early morning call announcing that the middle school was closed for the day. There was a problem with the water main so all middle schoolers had the day off. I was thrilled — not for my kid to be missing yet MORE school but because I had her, and only her, off! One-on-one kid time is so rare. What a treat to get it unexpectedly in the middle of the week. What did we do?

We went to the Botanical Gardens. A slow stroll through the Linnean House, sniffing camellias along the way. It was cold outside but the Climatron was like visiting a rain forest. Then, we lingered for a while in our favorite spot — the temperate house.


It smelled so good in there and the temperature was perfect. Afterwards, we headed to The Hill — St Louis’ Italian section. Our goal was gelato but the gelateria was closed for the season. Instead, Missouri Bakery called. We bought some pastry and took it to Tower Grove Park.


When we got home, there was still much of the day left. So, we did a messy craft project — making pasta!


My favorite kind of mess — a cooking mess! And before I knew it, our day was over and it was time for the after school drive around. As my kids get older, it seems like I have less and less time to connect with them individually — they are busy and have friends and lots of interests of their own. A day, like my day with Margaux, is a treasure. And I’m hoping that the grade school and the high school have water issues, too — I need some time with my boys, individually, next!

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