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27 Sep 2013 by admin, No Comments »

We went to a family wedding a few weekends ago and had the best time. Here is a photo of my boys from that night:
I love this picture because it is a reminder of a beautiful evening. It was no surprise that the bride was beautiful (seriously gorgeous!) or that the groom was enthralled. He had stolen her heart several years ago but he captured all of our hearts that night when he sang to his lovely bride. The room was filled with love and joy and many, many smiles.

The best part, aside from the lovely ceremony, and serenading of the bride, was the dancing. My boys, yes — even my 15 year old boy — danced with me! And they danced with each other. And I danced with John and Margaux and we all danced together. And we all danced for hours along with many, many others. A room full of dancing — it was just pure fun and we all came home smiling and happy.

Any marriage that starts in a room filled with that much love, and outright happiness has got to be a good one!

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