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10 Jul 2013 by admin, No Comments »

Summer is going too fast. Since school has been out, we’ve gone on two family vacations — one to Rome, Italy, the other to Lesterville, Mo. Opposite destinations, for sure! One was city living with more adventures every day than we could tackle. The other was cabin camping with naught to do but swim and read. In between, there has been little league baseball, gardening, and hanging at the local pool.

We’re home now for a few weeks and my list of projects to tackle “this summer” has me realizing that that means NOW. So, to jump start my productivity, I’m making a list. Here are a few things I want to accomplish in the next few days:

*make granola (easy summer breakfasts!)
*paint the porch floor — the painted, and now very chipped, concrete is in need of some sprucing up. I’m toying with painting a rug on the floor.
*re-stake the tomatoes — my plants have outgrown their cages. Time for some serious staking.
*clean out boys’ closet
*start teaching my 15yo son to drive (or maybe I’ll outsource that task to John….)

Here’s hoping I can check these items off quickly. It’s raining today so painting outside won’t happen but I can go buy some paint and start cleaning and scraping. Or maybe I’ll start easy. That granola may be calling my name.

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