It’s no surprise that I love thrift shopping since I post about my finds often. Imagine my thrill now that my daughter is also starting to enjoy these excursions. This is what bargain hunting with Margaux is like.

Find something, try it on.
Nah. Not what she wants.

Find another item:
This was a knit poncho with rabbit fur somehow incorporated into it. I thought it was odd but she went bananas over it. We bought this one and she wore it a ton over the winter.

Here are a few outfits we found put together from our finds:


And this:

But the best, in my opinion was this:
A brand-new travel vest — this baby retails for over $100. It cost us $4 and will be perfect for my girl to wear on our family vacation this year.

Or maybe the best truly is that my daughter is learning that saving money and being frugal can be lots of fun. This is an important skill that will serve her well throughout life. And I get to enjoy her happy self on our shopping adventures.