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Duncan turned 15 a few weeks ago. It is hard for me to believe, at times, how grown he is. To celebrate, we went to his favorite restaurant, Fitz’s Soda Factory.
He is now in high school. He is at an all-boys Catholic college prep school — the same one John attended. While school has been a challenge this year — it was a huge increase in workload and my shy boy had to meet and make new friends — he has risen to the challenge and is thriving and enjoying it.

I like seeing how his interests are shaping up as he grows. He enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons and gets together with school friends weekly to do this. He also meets with a group of friends from his previous school for D&D. He’s still playing the cello and is interested in learning piano this summer. Reading is still (and I’m sure will always be) a big part of his life. Once each week he volunteers as a math tutor for grade schoolers in the city. Kitchen skills keep growing and he’s doing more and more cooking — last night he made a three-course French meal for our family. This is an interest I will definitely encourage!

I could go on and on about my boy as I’m so proud of the man he’s turning into. I am so lucky that 15 years ago, he came into my life.

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