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17 Jan 2013 by admin, No Comments »

I have a theory that everything I want will eventually be found at Goodwill.

Around my birthday, I had a minor obsession with milk frothers. Weird, huh? Let me explain. I have been making myself coffee with frothed milk each morning for months. I would warm the milk in the microwave and froth with a little battery operated gizmo (also found at Goodwill….). It worked fine Somewhere along the way, I learned that there are little electric pitchers that warm and froth the milk. Being a lady who loves kitchen gadgets, especially weird, single use ones, I was on a mission to acquire one.

Unfortunately, those milk frothing gadgets are pricey. Some of them cost upwards of $100 which is crazy. I also know that single use kitchen gadgets often wind up at yard sales and my favorite Goodwill. I decided to just wait it out and if my obsession was still alive in a few months, I would buy one.

Well, guess what I recently found at Goodwill.


Yep. A milk frother. Brand new, never opened and just waiting for me. All for less than the price of a Starbucks latte. Score!

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