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I found an old cuckoo clock at Goodwill two weeks ago. It cost me $4.


It was missing a few parts — the weights, the pendulum, and the gong. I had no idea if it worked but thought it was interesting enough to take home. A few days after buying it, I took it to a clock shop to see if it was possible to get it running again. They told me it was worth over $500 since it is of high quality and also plays music. They also told me they could get it running again for $235. Uh, no.

I took the clock home and started searching around for info on repairing cuckoos. There is a ton of information on line. I found another local shop that had parts and took it there. They sold me the pieces I needed for $25. They also showed me how to turn the cuckoo on (who knew it could be on or off?), which chains were off gear, and a few other tips on getting it running. I took the pieces home and fiddled with my clock. It works! It cuckoos and plays “Edelweis” every hour and cuckoos once on the half hour. It’s keeping perfect time and I am thrilled to sit and listen to it tick and tock.

And John? He’s thrilled that I can turn the bird and music off at night so it doesn’t drive him cuckoo.

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