Passage of Time

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At the end of summer, John’s parents had to leave their home and move into a nursing home. The past few months have been spent dealing with health issues related to this transition and helping them adjust to their new life. Only recently, have we started to make plans for their home and the contents. My mother-in-law has been a lifetime collector of interesting things. Never has this been more apparent to me than as we prepare for the estate sale. Of all of her collections, the one that sort of defines her (in my mind) is her George Washington collection. She has portraits of him throughout her house as well as dolls and lots of colonial memorabilia. Anytime I see something with his likeness, it catches my eye.

While at a clock shop yesterday, I saw this:


Isn’t it awesome? His eyes move back and forth as the clock tocks. It’s so creepy cool it makes me laugh.

Now, I’m finding myself mildly obsessed with making a similar clock. I have no knowledge of clock making and some time spent googling this yielded nothing. Maybe things like this just aren’t made anymore. Or maybe I just need to cave in and go for this one.

Then I could have a daily reminder of my beloved mother-in-law and her collections. One that symbolizes the passage of time and the fact that there is much humor to be had along the way.

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