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14 Jan 2013 by admin, No Comments »

My house is feeling a bit disorganized and messy. I need to whip it into shape before the end of the week because my best friend in the whole universe is coming to town. So, here’s what I need to do:

–Put the rest of the holiday decorations away. I suspect that the lights will still be on the house since it is below freezing and it’s no fun to work outside in the cold. This job is also dependent on John having time during daylight hours to climb ladders for me. No biggie if that doesn’t happen. If the inside is done, I’ll consider it a success.

–Re-decorate some areas that are empty now that Christmas is gone. In particular the living room:

And the music & study areas:

–Spend 30 minutes cleaning up my crafty area. It’s a mess.

Other than cleaning chores, I have a few fun things to do:

–Swim three times. I finally got off my duff and signed up for some swim lessons. I do know how to swim but not very well and I don’t do any strokes right and hate putting my face in the water. I had my first lesson last week and learned how to do the breast stroke properly — including putting my face in the water. It wasn’t so bad, kind of fun, even. So, my goal is to keep practicing.

–Start some lettuce and artichoke seeds for my spring garden.

So, off the computer I go!

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