Etched Glass

12 Jan 2013 by admin, No Comments »

I made my kids these for Christmas:
Personalized etched glasses. My hope is that this will cut down on the number of glasses that get used in my house since each child will now have an “assigned” glass. In keeping with our silly theme, the glasses said:
*Time Lord for Duncan (another Dr. Who reference)
*Demi-God for Margaux (a Percy Jackson reference)
*and I’m Awesome for Oliver since that is a phrase he uses ALL the time.

John and I also got glasses (not pictured). His says “Brew 92” in honor of our beer brewing hobby and mine says “Cafe 92” since we joke that my kitchen is the best cafe in town. 92 is our house number so that is why it is on there.

The kids were way more excited about these than I anticipated since they really were made for my benefit (less dishes…..). And since they are fanatical about using their glass (and ONLY their glass), my mission was accomplished!

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