Summer Crafting Wrap Up

4 Sep 2012 by admin, No Comments »

My children are back to school after one of our fastest summers ever. It was a blur of activity from vacations, summer school, baseball, and, my favorite, craft projects. Here are a few of the projects that happened:

Freezer Paper Stenciled T-shirts:

Several versions of this were made for her and friends along with some Harry Potter themed shirts.

Doll Clothes Sewing:

This is the summer that I finally started sewing doll clothes for Margaux’s doll –the doll she no longer plays with. I’ve made maybe two dozen doll outfits and have been gifting them to the smaller people around me who do actually still play with dolls. I’ve also kept a few for me since I still play with dolls, too.

We did some sign making:

This is the longitude and latitude of the lodge where we go every July. I have a couple more of these on my list of things to make for others.

There were many more projects over the summer, but this is my quick recap. More to come in future posts as I remember them and photograph them. If it was the amount of crafting that made summer go quickly, then fall will be gone in a flash because my list of fun projects is long and already underway!

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