A night in which the basement floor pays for itself

19 Mar 2008 by admin, No Comments »

Several years ago, we waterproofed & finished our basement to make it usable living space. Prior to getting work done, our water issues were so bad that at times there appeared to be a stream running across the basement floor. In the years since it has been waterproofed, there had not been a single moisture problem. Until last night.
Our sump pump was overwhelmed by the massive amount of rain our region is getting. There were giant puddles all over the floor. The very floor that John and I felt guilty for buying. When we finished the rooms, we didn’t want to add carpet and both really longed for industrial rubber-like flooring. The problem was that it was twice the price of carpeting and buying it was a serious splurge for us. Well…..if we had carpeted, we’d be paying today for new carpeting. Instead, I hit the floors with a mop and all is as good as new. No more guilt about the floor for me…..but now on to finding out how to deal with the sump pump.

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