A tiny baby

18 Apr 2007 by admin, No Comments »

Last night a little baby joined our family for a few days. He’s our first foster child. His name is Javy and he’s three months old but, perhaps, the tiniest baby I’ve ever held. He was extremely premature and sick for a long time so he’s working hard to catch up. He’s with us only temporarily for respite care while his primary foster mom is out of town. The reasons why he’s in care are many and who knows what his future will hold. Maybe he’ll wind up with his birth mother….or maybe he’ll be placed into an adoptive home. I carry him around in my sling and coo gently to him. I smile into his wide open eyes as he stares at me and grips my finger as I feed him his bottle. I kiss his silky head, hoping to fill him with enough love to carry forward wherever he may go.

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