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I like making resolutions. Last January, I made a few. I think I did an okay job of keeping them, too.

While I didn’t start playing the piano again, two of my kids are now taking lessons and loving it. That alleviates my guilt at having a piano taking over most of one room.

I finally sewed a slipcover that pleases me.

I found a source for raw cows milk and we get it from time to time. Can’t say I’m a huge fan given that it’s expensive and I don’t really like to drink milk anyways.

I did clean out the garage (sorry, no pictures) and we managed to keep a car in it for most of the summer. Right now, though, it’s kind of messy again.

While we didn’t build something big, John and I made new garden boxes.

I organized my home and have mostly kept it that way. Of course, there are a few areas that need some attention but it’s in the best shape ever. Maybe I’ve tackled that monster?

The one resolution that I didn’t keep was to learn about beekeeping. I made a few attempts but that project got put on the back burner. Maybe this will be my year for it?

So for 2012, these are my resolutions:

*Learn about beekeeping
*Learn to swim laps for exercise which means I need to progress beyond the dog paddle
*Brew beer (already in process…..)
*Complete Couch to 5K program. Last spring, I quit after week 6.
*Sew a vintage style dress for me
*Build something big with my husband. I have a few ideas.

I could go on and on since I tend to get carried away with ideas of all I want to accomplish but maybe it’s best to keep it short and attainable. And it doesn’t hurt to put something on the list that I’ve already started.

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