Handmade Holiday – 2

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There is a back story on this gift. In our way-before-kids days, John and I used to be obsessed with the X-Files along with our friends Wat and Nancy. Every Sunday, we’d make dinner and watch the latest episode at their house. It was our weekly ritual and it was awesome. I remember being hugely pregnant with my eldest, watching this show with our friends.

A few years ago, when visiting Wat and Nancy (who unfortunately live far from us now…..we both moved….), we let Duncan stay up and watch one episode with us. He was captivated.

This year, John decided he can start watching all the seasons. It’s their nightly ritual. Once the other kids are in bed, he and Duncan (and sometimes me, if I stay awake….) watch together. In the morning, while driving him to school, I get the episode recap from him. He loves punching holes in the story line and wondering about the possibilities behind the story.

This gift was for both Duncan and his dad.

To wear when watching together. Made with a freezer paper stencils and some blank tee shirts.

I just need to make my alien pondering boy one more shirt — this time with the line “I want to believe!”

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