Saintly Snacks

25 Oct 2011 by admin, No Comments »

Duncan is getting confirmed next month. Our neighbor, who also has a son approaching confirmation, hosted a special dinner for our boys and another friend who having been in religion class together. I was asked to bring dessert. I recalled the most awesome cookies from Bake at 350 and decided they were perfect for the occasion.

I took several saint cards, in particular the ones that represent the confirmation kids’ intended saint names, to a bakery supply shop. They scanned the cards and printed the images on three sheets (8 saints/sheet). Then my daughter and I got to work in the kitchen. A few hours later, we had two dozen of these:

John worried that they might be a bit irreverent but they were pounced upon with glee. Most were devoured. Several were taken back to the rectory by our parish priest to be passed around. Fortunately, they were taken in the spirit they were made — a sweet way to celebrate a name saint and the sacrament to come.

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