My Mushrooming Life

9 Jul 2011 by admin, No Comments »

My youngest has developed an obsession with mushrooms. It started last fall and grew through the winter. He did a blue-ribbon winning science fair project on them and his obsession has continued to grow. We joined the local mycological society, took a few mushroom identification classes together, bought some field guides which he is working on memorizing (wanna know what page you can find the Aminita phalloides on?, just ask Oli), and are now finding and logging mushrooms regularly. Here’s a sampling of what we found on a walk through the woods:

The “score” in this batch was a few chanterelles. But they weren’t really a score since, as a rule, we do not eat anything we pick. Not only are we cautious about our identification, but Oliver thinks mushrooms taste yucky. So why spoil the fun?

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