Mastering Mushrooming

8 Apr 2011 by admin, 1 Comment »

Last fall, Oli took an interest in mushroom hunting. This was funny to me because this kid HATES to eat mushrooms (all of my kids hate them). His interest was mainly about finding them. For weeks, he read a mushroom identification book at bedtime every night and memorized many of the interesting ones. He did his science fair project on mushrooms (and won a blue ribbon) and still shows an avid interest in learning more. In support of his interests, we joined the local mycological society and last weekend, Oli and I took a class about poisonous mushrooms since those are the ones to learn first.

After the class, there was a foray. Here’s my main mushroom man:

We spent an hour in the woods examining dead and live trees in search of interesting fungi. It was dry and the weather has been pretty cool. We found only a few specimens. Other, much more experienced mushroom society members, found better stuff. After the foray, we all gathered at a picnic table for the fun part — mushroom identification.

We learned a lot and had a fun time. It’s been warmer this week and has rained some — weather that my little man advises me is good for mushrooming. I suspect I’ll be spending a few hours in the woods with my budding (learning) mycologist this weekend. I can’t wait.

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  1. Megan says:

    I love how supportive of your kids no matter where their interest lead them.

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