April Fool

4 Apr 2011 by admin, No Comments »

I set the bar high in my early parenting years. My kids expect full-blown April Fool’s fun. This year, I had trouble coming up with fresh, new pranks so I fell back on some old favorites. For breakfast, grapefruit and sliced oranges:

And then I rigged their lunches.

I bought individually packed lunch box food and opened them and switched them out. The dorito bag had cheetos, the chips a’hoy held oreos, etc. I think this is the favorite gag of my kids. Not because things were switched around (fun, indeed!) but because I actually bought this stuff. Normally, I’m too cheap and don’t really like to put this junk in lunches. After checking out with my cart full of unhealthy snack-type food and seeing the price at the cash register, I left wondering who, indeed, was the April fool.

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