Back from Break

30 Mar 2011 by admin, No Comments »

My kids had spring break. We went to California for most of a week. One of the best things in Southern California? Tacos!

We tried to sample as many different kinds as we could.

Prior to leaving town, we had an upstairs bathroom flood our house. We left in a flurry of drying machines and giant dehumidifiers and returned to a project of home restoration. Fortunately, the damage is not too bad — it’s mainly cosmetic and will involve ceiling, wall, and floor repair and replacement in some places. That has been occupying most of my extra time these days. Well, that and the usual insanity that is my kids’ giant list of extracurricular activities.

Oh yeah, the joys of doing taxes are also upon me. Can I say how happy I will be when they are finally filed and off of my desk? Speaking of which, TurboTax beckons. I dare not ignore the call.

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