Cleaning the Fridge

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I’ve done the freezer. I have cleaned out and organized every cabinet & drawer. The pantry is neat and organized. Under the sink is still tidy as is the tupperware situation. My countertops are neat. I have even purged and organized all my dish cupboards and cutlery drawer. The last space in the kitchen to tackle was the fridge. To be honest, my fridge is never too bad. I cook a lot and generally have a handle on it’s contents. Here the fridge before:

I pulled everything out and cleaned all the surfaces. Everything went back in with some order:

Afterwards, I cleaned the kitchen floors and gave the sink a good scrubbing. It’s lovely.

I consider the kitchen, at this point, completely organized. I’ve also finished a few other rooms — the bathroom (here and here), and my children’s rooms (more photos coming soon). My sewing area/laundry space is perfect. I’m still working on the play area in the basement. Right now it’s all about sorting legos and if there was ever a more madness-inducing task, I can’t fathom. Every day, I’m giving the boys a small bin to sort through. We’re getting there bit by bit. I am so pleased with how things are shaping up in this house. There are still a few areas to tackle — my bedroom closet comes to mind…..oh, and the garage but that one will wait until spring.

I’ve decided that since January has been organizing month for me, February will be decorating month. It will be time to break out the touch-up paint and refresh some tired areas. I’m busy compiling a list of projects to tackle and some sewing (curtains, cushions) to do. I’m sure it will be busy in other ways as well. I have some fun after-school activities happening at my kids’ school and my daughter will be in a musical in early March which means adding 3 rehearsals/week to our already over-busy schedule. It will be good going into this crazy-busy time with my home at least under control.

Inspired by A Bowl Full of Lemons.

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