Popping up in the kitchen

20 Jan 2011 by admin, No Comments »

Organizing has not been my only activity lately. I’ve been baking. A lot.

Yesterday, as a treat for my kids and a reward for rooms that are still meticulously neat, I made homemade Pop-Tarts:

The recipe can be found here. I used spelt flour and lingonberry preserves in the middle. Mine are smaller than normal pop-tarts but perfect for a little snack.

Some other kitchen creations include Stroop Waffels:

These were taken to a party last weekend and devoured. I also brought some Oatmeal Trail Mix Cookies. These had M&M’s, craisins, raisins, pecans, flax seeds and sesame seeds in them.

Full of healthy stuff and tasty, too. I see more of these coming out of my oven and into lunch boxes soon.

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