A Very “A-Merry” Christmas

24 Dec 2010 by admin, No Comments »

My daughter, like many girls her age, has been going crazy over American Girl Dolls for the past few years.  This is not typical Mojo behavior.  She’s not much of a “girly-girl” and has mostly shunned dolls.  But there’s something about these dolls that has captured her interest helped, no doubt, by my enthusiasm for all things doll.  I have unabashedly encouraged the collection of doll debris in this house.  I was thrilled when Mojo pulled out her doll, affectionally dubbed “A-Merry” by her, to decorate a corner of the family room.

I made the cape.  I only wish there was enough red flannel in the house to make a matching one for my daughter.  And for me.

Ditto with the little elf shoes.  We had so much fun decking the doll for the holidays that this may become a tradition.  I can see A-Merry all dressed for President’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and more!  And if it encourages my daughter to play with dolls (with me!), all the better.

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