Back from The Big Easy

1 Dec 2010 by admin, 1 Comment »

Last week, we took a mini-vacation and drove down to New Orleans for a few day.  It was a bit of a drive but, fortunately, all of us like a car trip.  We listened to Harry Potter books both ways.  We were all captivated.

Our stay was interesting.  The town was under a boil water order while we were there.  Unfortunately, that meant that our old hotel did not have hot water at all.  Yep.  Only cold showers for us for a few day.  Not exactly vacation luxury.

But there were many other things to make up for this.  There was the food.

Mother’s was so good that we ate there twice.  We did the usual touristy spots, too, like Cafe du Monde where we covered ourselves with powdered sugar from eating beignets.  Muffelettas from Central Grocery were also on our menu.

We walked all over the French Quarter.  DNA and I did a “Haunted History” tour at night.

Oli was too scared to come with us so we brought “Flat Oliver,” his stand-in, instead.  Both Oli and Mojo got to go on a horse-drawn carriage tour instead.  Riding through the Vieux Carre in a buggy, listening to the hooves clip-clopping while the gas lights lit up the old houses was magical.  While some spooky history was covered, it was not enough to induce nightmares.

We rode the streetcar out to Audubon Park.

The park was lovely.  The trees were enormous and there were all kinds of ducks and birds to see.

John is sporting the hat he bought at the French Market.  After strolling through the park, we spent the afternoon at Audubon Zoo.  My kids felt pretty sorry for the white alligator.  He is kept inside in a pretty boring enclosure.  They felt the outdoor gators had much better digs.

After 3 days, we headed back home, back to our ordinary lives and back in time for Thanksgiving.  One of the things I’m thankful for this year?  A fun family.  A family who can decide to take a spur-of-the-moment trip and extract every ounce of fun out of it.  Even without hot water.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Lesson learned – always book a room with a microwave. You never know when you’ll need to heat up some water.

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