Star Wars Knitting

21 Nov 2010 by admin, 1 Comment »

I guess I have a bit of a Star Wars theme going this week.  I made this fella last month for my nephew.

It’s Anakin Skywalker complete with light saber.  Now I’m thinking that we need Yoda and some other dudes to go with him.

But first, I have other Star Wars knitting to complete.  I’m sooooo close to finishing a Storm Trooper vest for Oli.  We have some vacation driving in our near future and I vow to knit nothing else until it’s completed.

And when I’ve worn out the Star Wars theme?  On to my next obsession — Harry Potter!

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  1. megan says:

    You are so funny. We REALLY need to get together soon. It’s been WAY too long and I need a Jill fix.

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